Inovape Explains: Vaping Keywords

Inovape Explains Vaping Keywords

Inovape Explains: Vaping Keywords

A list of a few vaping keywords or terms that you may hear, and what they mean!

  • Atomizer – The heating element inside you vape, most people call this a coil.
  • All Day Vape – A flavour of e-liquid that a particular vapour can use all throughout a day without it getting boring or sickly.
  • Airflow – This is a common one we talk about in the shops. It is the amount of air taken in with each drag. The more closed off the airflow, the tighter the draw (pull) is. The more open, the more loose the draw will be.
  • Auto-draw – A vape with the function which detects when the user is taking a drag. It usually, but not always, has no button to use it.
  • Battery – The power for a vape/e-cigarette. When the battery fires the coil, that heats up the coil (atomizer) and vaporises the liquid. Some kits have a built in battery, others use replaceable.
  • Cloud – The vapour released with each puff taken.
  • Coil – As mentioned in the atomizer section, this is the heating element inside your vape. When you fire up the battery, the coil heats up and vaporises the liquid creating the vape. Coils now are usually made of mesh rather than wire. This provides better vapour production and flavour.
  • Disposable Vape – A single use vape kit which is prefilled with e-liquid & usually lasts around 600 puffs. You can’t change anything about these and they’re often an expensive way to vape.
  • Drip Tip – The mouthpiece for your vape which you can change the shape of. They come in two sizes, 510 (smaller) and 810 (larger).
  • E-Liquid – Liquid for your vape containing PG/VG and often nicotine.
  • Free-based nicotine – Purest form of nicotine. Usually used in liquids which want to carry a strong throat kick.
  • MG (Milligram) – The amount of nicotine per ml of e-liquid.
  • Mod – Usually the battery unit of the vape device. Some come with a built in battery, others come without and need external batteries to use.
  • MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) – Using your e-cig like a cigarette. Inhaling into your mouth and then into your lungs. These are the most popular for people looking to quit smoking or disposable vape users.
  • Nicotine Salt – A different type of nicotine which allows for higher nicotine strengths, but with a smooth throat hit.
  • Ohm – In vaping, this describes the resistance of the coil. Generally the smaller the number, the more powerful the coil.
  • PG (Propylene Glycol) – Helps with the flavour in the e-liquid, and also helps provides the hit on the throat.
  • Pod System – Usually a smaller device which uses pods rather than the usual tank based system. People who have used the disposable vapes often like these pod kits for their ease of use.
  • Tanks – The area of the kit that holds the liquid & the coil.
  • Shortfill – A large bottle of liquid which by law needs to be nicotine-free. Room is left in the bottle (hence the name) so you can add nicotine shots, increasing the nicotine level.
  • Starter Kit – A full unit which has everything you need to start vaping.
  • Sub-Ohm Tank – A tank or pod system which takes coils that run below an ohm. These used to mean that they’d produce a large cloud, but that’s becoming less and less the case. With many sub-ohm coils producing a MTL draw.
  • STL (Straight-to-lung) – Inhaling your vape straight into your lung. These are usually the big cloud devices. Also known as DTL (Direct-To-Lung).
  • Throat Hit – The kick you get on the back of your throat when you take a drag.
  • Top-fill –  A tank or pod kit which can be filled from the top. These are much more common now & make filling up even easier!
  • USB-C Charging – The latest charging port uses widely across the industry. It is the same as any Android charger & offers fast and efficient charging.
  • VG (Vegetable Glycerin) – Mainly used to give the cloud when vaping.
  • Variable Wattage – The ability to control the wattage on an e-cig. This allows you to personalise your vaping experience much more, and set it exactly how you like it.

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