Inovape Explains: Why would you want to switch off disposables to a refillable pod kit?

Inovape Explains Switching from a disposable to a refillable pod kit (1)

Inovape Explains: Why would you want to switch off disposables to a refillable pod kit?

This is something many people have been looking into, given the announced ban on disposables coming into force at some point in the future.

What are each type of kit? 

  • Disposable Vape – A single use device which is usually an all-in-one unit with e-liquid prefilled inside. They don’t need any charging or maintenance, and once you finish the liquid inside, the device is to be disposed of. These tend to be an expensive way of vaping. An example of a disposable kit is shown here –

Ske Crystal Bar Disposable Kit

  • Refillable Vape – A kit that usually will have a rechargeable battery and a pod on the top which you can refill with your own liquid. The pod contains the coil, but often with these little pod kits, the coils are built into the pods. Once the coil goes you dispose of the pod and get a new one. An example of a refillable pod kit is pictured, and you can shop them here –

vaporesso xros 3 mini pod kit

Why might you use a refillable kit over a disposable kit? 

  • Cost – The cost of using a refillable kit is far less costly than using a disposable. Every 10ml bottle of liquid contains the same amount of liquid as 5 disposable kits. This is where you make a massive saving.
  • Environmental – The environmental impact of the disposable vapes is well known. They all contain a lithium ion battery & are often made out of plastic. When they are thrown away that all goes to waste & is not good for the environment. Refillable kits avoids this with a rechargeable battery, & a kit that should last much longer than a disposable which may last just a day or two. The only replaceable part is the pod which contains the coil. These are thrown away after the coil goes.
  • Flavour – Whilst many people think that the flavour of disposables is very hard to match, we do a great range of Bar Salts which do just that. The Bar Salts offer exceptional disposable flavour matches, which many of our customers actually prefer to the disposables. Shop Bar Salts here –

Bar Salts Lemon & Lime

  • UK made liquid – One of the major benefits of switching away from disposables, is getting back to UK made e-liquid. The disposables almost always contain liquid made in China. Whilst they are great at making hardware, their e-liquid standards are not as high as here in the UK. So you are far better using liquids like our Bar Salts or Inovape e-liquids.
  • Nicotine Strength – Many of the disposables you’ll find in shops around the country are 20mg. This is the top nicotine strength that can be legally sold in the UK and is very addictive. The good news is that all our Bar Salts are available in20mg & 10mg, with some now available in 5mg. This allows you to start lowering your nicotine level, should you want to! A further option down this line would be our Bar Shorts. These are big bottles with no nicotine in, that still have the amazing disposable inspired flavours in. Shop Bar Shorts here –

Bar Shorts Watermelon Ice

With all this in mind, we hope you understand why so many people have made the switch away from disposables, and onto refillable devices! For further advice pop into one of our stores in Solihull, Stratford-upon-Avon or Yardley Wood and one of our expert staff will be happy to help!

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