Bargain HVG Liquids (10ml)




A variety of Clearance 80/20 10ml liquids! Grab yourself a bargain with these liquids at great prices!

Size: 10ml
Ratio: 80/20 VG/PG
Nicotine: 3mg / 6mg

Additional information

Liquid Type

HVG Liquid


3mg, 6mg


Blueberry 3mg, Blueberry 6mg, Cherry & Raspberry Menthol 3mg, Cherry & Raspberry Menthol 6mg, Forest Fruits 3mg, Forest Fruits 6mg, Heizen 3mg, Heizen 6mg, Lemon Sherbet 3mg, Lemon Sherbet 6mg, Menthol 3mg, Menthol 6mg, Pear Drops 3mg, Pear Drops 6mg, Raspberry 3mg, Raspberry 6mg, Strawberry 3mg, Strawberry 6mg, Strawberry & Lime 3mg, Strawberry & Lime 6mg, Strawberry Cream Whirl 3mg, Strawberry Cream Whirl 6mg, Strawberry Menthol 3mg, Strawberry Menthol 6mg, Strawberry Milk 3mg, Strawberry Milk 6mg, Sweet Melon Blast 3mg, Sweet Melon Blast 6mg, Tangy Cherry Bubblegum 3mg, Tangy Cherry Bubblegum 6mg, Very Berry 3mg, Very Berry 6mg


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