Out of Date 50/50 Liquids – Bargain!


Out of Date 50/50 Liquids – Bargain!

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Out of Date 50/50 Liquids – Bargain!

Vape liquids do have an expiry date on them as they have to by law. However, like wine, they actually tend to improve in flavour over time as they steep. These are out of date liquids that you can buy at an incredible price until we run out!

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Tropical Mix 0mg, Vanilla Custard 0mg, Very Berry 0mg, Vanilla 0mg, Rhubarb & Custard 0mg, Pink Lemonade 0mg, Strawberry 0mg, Peach 0mg, Cherry Cola 0mg, Strawberry & Lime 0mg, Grape 0mg, Banana 0mg, Apple 0mg, Black Tobacco 0mg, Pear Drops 0mg, Black Ice 0mg, Rhubarb & Custard 0mg, Spearmint 0mg, Lemon & Lime 0mg, Cherry Menthol 0mg, Cappuccino 0mg, Blackcurrant & Liquorice 0mg, Spearmint 3mg, Strawberry Milk 18mg, Very Berry 18mg, Vanilla 18mg, Lemon & Lime 18mg, Strawberry & Lime 18mg, Vanilla Custard 18mg, Spearmint 18mg, Apple 18mg, Pink Lemonade 18mg, Banana 18mg, Pineapple 18mg


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