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The Inovape Guide to Coils

An Introduction to Coils. What are coils? How does my coil work?

Coils are key to vaping! They are essentially the power house of your vape kit. A coil is a metal wire or mesh, wrapped in cotton. Your liquid soaks into the cotton around the metal wire. When you press the button to fire your battery, the metal wire heats up and vaporises the e-liquid.  This produces the vapour that you get when you use your E-Cigarette.

How long does a coil usually last?

We would usually expect a coil to last somewhere between a week and three weeks. This does depend on usage, vape liquid and the wattage you run your coil at. They can last longer if you don’t use your kit very often.

How do I know if I need to change my coil?

The most common sign of a coil needing to be changed is a burnt, ashy taste coming through. Have you ever lit a cigarette backwards? It tastes a bit like that!

Another way you will know is if your device stops producing anything at all. Usually this is because the coil is burnt out and in need of a change!

The other sign that your coil is on its way out, is that your coil will stop producing any flavour. Again, once you change your coil, this should fix the problem.

Tips for making your coil last longer!

  1. Priming your coil – Pre-soaking your coil with liquid will ensure it is ready for you to use straight away and also helps it to last longer.
  2. Running your coil at a lower wattage – If your battery unit has a variable wattage feature, try running your coil on the lower end of its range. This again will help to stress it less and help your coil last longer.
  3. Using a less sweet E-Liquid – Sweet vape liquids can cake on the side of coils and make them burnt out a little faster. Using a less sweet, or less thick E-Liquid will help your coil last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions - Coils

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A coil is a wire or mesh wrap on the inside which heats up when you press the button to fire the battery. The wire or mesh is surrounded by cotton which the e-liquid soaks into. As the button is pressed, the wire heats up and vaporises the e-liquid.

You should change your coil based on a couple of signs. 1. A burning, ash taste is being produced by the coil. 2. The coil or your kit isn’t working anymore. 3. Your coil isn’t producing any flavour anymore.

We usually expect a coil would last somewhere between a week and three weeks. This does depend how much you are using it, the wattage you use it, and the type of liquid you are using. There are ways you can make your coil last longer, which we cover in another FAQ and coil article.

There’s a couple of tips we can give you here.

1. The first is to make sure that you always prime your coil before use. This means pre-soaking your coil with some liquid before you use it. We recommend you pop some drops down the centre of your coil, to soak it from the inside, and put some drops on the outer cotton holes as well. This will help your coil last longer, and also means you can use it straight away.

2. If your kit has a variable wattage feature, you can lower your wattage which over time will stress the coil less and help it last longer.

3. You could change your liquid. A 50/50 liquid is in general less harsh on your coil than a high VG liquid. You can also use a less sweet liquid, as liquids that are very sweet tend to cake on your coil and burn it out faster.

4. Always ensure your tank is has plenty of liquid in it. If your tank gets low or out of liquid, it will cause a dry hit. This will burn part of your coil and is hard to shift once it happens.

Ohm (Ω) is a unit of electrical resistance. It is important to vapers because it is used in coils. Each coil is rated in ohms and will have a wattage range assigned to it. It’s worth knowing this so you know which coil to buy and also what power you should run your coil on.

Yes, we do change coils for customers in our shops if you’d like us too. It’s a popular service that many of our customers use regularly. We of course do not charge for this.

Firstly you need to remove your old coil from your tank. We recommend running your tank under a bit of warm water just to keep it nice and clean. Do not put your battery under the water of course. Then prime you coil by pre-soaking the cotton holes and the centre with vape liquid. Screw or push in your coil, depending how it works. Now it should be ready to go!

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