Starting your Vaping Journey – The Inovape Guide

Starting your Vaping Journey - The Inovape Guide

Finding the right vape for you is hard, particularly at the start. We would recommend that if you can, pop into one of our shops for friendly and expert advice 7 days a week. We know that this isn’t possible for everyone though. So if you can’t do plenty of research. If you are quitting smoking, a mouth-to-lung (MTL) device would be the best bet. If you are looking for flavour and cloud, a straight-to-lung (STL) device are the ones you’ll be looking at.

Firstly you need to remove your old coil from your tank. We recommend running your tank under a bit of warm water just to keep it nice and clean. Do not put your battery under the water of course. Then prime you coil by pre-soaking the cotton holes and the centre with vape liquid. Screw or push in your coil, depending how it works. Now it should be ready to go!

Essentially with every E-Cigarette there are a couple of parts. There is a battery unit which has a button to press to fire the battery. Then there is the tank which houses the coil and the vape liquid. When you press the button to fire the battery, the coil in the tank heats up the liquid and produces the vapour.

The nicotine strength for E-Liquids is something you really want to get right. Too low and you’ll be craving a cigarette, and too high will make you cough. Once you find the strength for you, you really have a good chance of quitting smoking! Here’s how we would match you up to a certain strength in the shops. 0mg is best if you have never smoked before, nicotine is addictive and you don’t want to get addicted if you aren’t already! A 3mg would usually be for 1-8 cigarettes a day, a low nicotine strength but at least has something in there. A 6mg we would usually recommend for someone smoking between 8 and 15 cigarettes a day. A good medium nicotine with room to go up or down if you need. A 12mg would be our recommendation if you are currently smoking 15 to 25 cigarettes a day. This is a stronger strength which will give a good kick. An 18mg is the strength we recommend to heavy smoker who are over around 25 a day. This is very strong and it’s probably wise to start with the 12mng, even if this does apply to you. If you need any help picking a strength, pop into one of our stores in Solihull or Stratford-upon-Avon and we can given even better, tailored support.


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