Troubleshooting your Vape – The Inovape Guide

voopoo argus 40w pod kit

There is hopefully an easy fix for this. If you grab a piece of kitchen roll or loo roll and pop it over your mouthpiece, then give your vape a good flick, you should see some vape liquid on the tissue. This is the excess liquid that was sat on top of the coil and was causing the spitting at you. Once you have flicked it and no more is coming out, you should be ready to vape as normal again.

A very similar fix to the spitting problem. The cause of this is excess liquid on the coil. To get rid of it grab some kitchen roll and loo roll and give your vape a good flick. This should remove the excess liquid and stop the gargling.

There’s a few potential causes for a vape leaking. Number one is the coil being old or loose. Try and tighten the coil into the device and potentially change it if the coil is older. It’s also worth checking the O-rings on the inside of your tank and around the coil to ensure they are all in place. Often you get spares with your kit so change them if necessary. If you need help with this feel free to pop into either of our shops.

There’s a couple of reasons why this may happen. The first is via charging, so please make sure you use the correct plug or outlet, which is 1A or lower. Your tank may also get hot when you use it, this is usually due to a faulty or old coil, in which case just change the coil and that should fix it.

This is often due to an old coil and will fix itself following a coil change. The other possibility is if your device has airflow control and the airflow is closed. Without any airflow, there is no way for the coil to produce any vapour. Simply open the airflow and that should solve that problem.