Inovape Explains Vaping: Nic Shots

Inovape Explains Vaping: Nic Shots

Nic Shots are very important for vapers these days and we are here to explain what they are, and why they’re used.

What is a Nic Shot?

A Nic Shot (Nicotine Shot) is a small 10ml bottle filled with Nicotine. Nic Shots are usually available as unflavoured or menthol shots. They often come in 18mg strength, just like the ones we sell do!

Why are they so important?

Since the TPD regulations were brought in, all liquids over 10ml bottle size must be supplied without nicotine in them. This left anyone who wanted to use a larger bottle, 60ml for example, stuck without the nicotine they needed. Luckily, because smaller 10ml bottles could have up to 20mg of nicotine in them, the industry realised they could use these smaller bottles. So now, whenever you buy a short fill bottle, it will be supplied with a Nic shot to pop in there. This Nic shot will increase the strength of the liquid, without changing it’s flavour. That makes Nic Shots a key asset to STL (straight to lung) vapers and anyone who wants to make their own liquid.

How should I use them?

For a 60ml bottle this is how to increase the strength:

  • 1 Nic Shot = 3mg
  • 2 Nic Shots = 6mg

For a 120ml bottle, this is how to increase the liquids strength:

  • 2 Nic Shots = 3mg
  • 4 Nic Shots = 6mg

Where can I buy them?

You can, of course, buy them on our site by following this link:

It is worth noting that all of our short fill liquids are supplied with enough Nic shots to get the liquid to a 3mg strength when added.


Hopefully this article helped to inform you about Nic Shots, and why they are so useful! Inovape Explains Vaping articles come out every Wednesday, so make sure you keep an eye out for the next one coming up next week!

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