Inovape Explains Vaping: Pods vs Tanks

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Inovape Explains Vaping: Pods vs Tanks

The industry has shifted a little recently, and this has meant that pods have become more popular. So for many of you, they may be a little alien or foreign as you haven’t had chance to try them. Luckily, we’re here to explain the difference between a pod and a tank. We will try and explain the positives and negatives, and why you might choose one or the other.


As mentioned above, pods are a more recent development in the vaping world. They started to gain popularity in the US, mainly through the rise of Juul. Their aim being to make vaping as simple and accessible as possible for people. Since then, many vape manufactures have decided to delve into the world of pod systems and pods. Nowadays, most pod kits are very small and compact, perfect as an on the go vape! Additionally, pods are often made of plastic which means if you drop your kit they are less likely to break than glass tanks.

Most pods now take coils in them, this is very straightforward as they are mostly just a simple push fit. An example of this is the Nord Pods (

The other type is a closed pod. With these pods you can only fill them up and can’t change the coil in the pod. An example of this second type would be the Justfog Minifit Pods ( The advantage of this type is that they are very easy to use and it’s simple for anyone to maintain. That makes them ideal for new vapers.

In this country, pod kits have risen to prominence with the popularity of Nic salts. A Pod kit and Nic salt liquid are often paired together because the bigger hit from a Nic salt and faster nicotine delivery means that less drags on your vape are required. Therefore, the smaller size of the batteries (generally) doesn’t matter so much because you would use the device less.

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Tanks are the more traditional way to vape. They usually have a coil screwed or pushed into the bottom, with a top or bottom filling method for the liquid. Most are based on glass because that brings out better flavour than plastic does. An great example of a traditional tank would be the Innokin T20-S Tank ( Regular tanks like these can be a little harder to maintain, but all you really need to do is fill up your liquid and change your coil every couple of weeks. Most tanks these days come with adjustable airflow on the side, which allows you to make the draw feel how you want it to. A big advantage a tank has over most pods or pod kits that find adjustable airflow more difficult to offer.

The coil in a tank will dictate what liquid you want to put in there, and the style of vaping. If you have a MTL (mouth to lung) coil in there you should use 50/50 liquid, and if you have a STL (straight to lung) coil you should use HVG liquid. Most tanks use one or the other but there are plenty that give you the option of both, so it’s worth checking which coil you use in your tank!

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We hope this article has been useful and has shed some light on a part of vaping you may not have known much about before. If there’s anything you’d like to see us explain in the future be sure to drop a comment! We hope to be back in the shops giving this information in person very soon, but in the meantime, if you need any help or advice, you can message us on Facebook or call us on 0121 711 1121.

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