Inovape Explains – Changing your e-liquid flavour in your kit

Inovape Explains - Changing your vape lliquid

Inovape Explains – Changing your e-liquid flavour in your kit

This is a really common question we get asked in our shops. When should I change my e-liquid flavour, and can you mix them together? Let’s dive into it!

Option 1 – Keeping your coil/pod

If you can, and your coil/pod is still okay, the easiest way is the most obvious. Run down your liquid until it is very low (You still need enough to ensure the cotton in the coil isn’t dry). This avoids wasting liquid and means you don’t have to think too much about mixing flavours together. You’ll get the old flavour for a few drags and then the new flavour will work it’s way into the coil, and you’ll be able to taste that one going forward.

Option 2 – Having different pods or tanks for different flavours

This is definitely a more expensive way to do this, but not all that uncommon, especially now that many pod kits use pods which you can just click in and out.

Having a separate tank or pod for each liquid keeps them separate and allows you to interchange as and when you want to.

Option 3 – Mixing flavours together 

Yes, you can do this! If you only have one tank or pod, and don’t want to wait until all your juice is gone, then this is the option for you!

It is important to know that not all flavours mix well. Some flavours, like a strong menthol for example, can sit in the coil for a while and linger around.

The safest bets for mixing flavours are usually fruit with other fruit flavours, or fruity flavours with a menthol hint. Tobacco with caramel or vanilla flavours can work well too, because that will give a cream tobacco (RY4) type flavour profile.


Have you got any other tips for changing flavours? If you have, leave us a comment and let us (and everyone else) know!

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