Inovape Explains Vaping. How to make my coil last longer.

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Inovape Explains Vaping. How to make my coil last longer.

The second installment in the Inovape Explains series. Where we aim to explain different things about vaping. This time, we tackle a very important topic: How to make your coil last longer. This is a common issue that some vapers face, and hopefully by reading this we can help improve the life of your coils, and therefore your vaping experience!

What is the coil? 

The coil is the heating element inside your tank. It is made up, usually, of cotton and a metal wire (or mesh) in the middle. The wire is like a lightbulb element, which heats up when your press the button, and vaporises the liquid that has soaked into the cotton. It is the most important aspect of the vape device and you really need to look after it.

Tips for making your coil last longer

  1. Priming your coil – This is probably our single best bit of advice for helping your coil last longer. This essentially means that you pre-soak the cotton on the inside of the coil. All coils will have cotton holes round the edge, pop a drop or two of liquid on them, and also put some drops down the middle of the coil, to help soak the coil. This means that when you fire it for the first time the cotton is well saturated with e-liquid, and therefore it won’t burn. There are other ways you can do this, one of which is by filling your tank and leaving it to soak for a while, we don’t like this method as much because an air bubble can prevent liquid from getting to the inside of the coil. Another method is to fill your tank up and then dry pull on the device (dragging on it without pressing the power button), this can be effective to draw the liquid through to the centre of the coil.
  2. Don’t chain vape – This means that when using your device, you don’t have multiple drags very close to each other. If you do this your coil will get very hot and the liquid may not get through fast enough, meaning you will burn the cotton on your coil and may result in a dry hit. If you don’t chain vape, the liquid will be able to saturate the coil fully, and the coil won’t get as hot. All of which is great news.
  3. Keep your tank topped up – Key to success of coil longevity. You need to keep your tank topped up. If you can do, keep it above the top of the cotton holes on your coil. If your tank runs dry your coil will fire with no liquid on it, and this will cause the coil to burn, and it’s very unlikely you can turn this around.
  4. Avoid very sweet liquids – Sweet liquids are great for taste, but they don’t help for coil longevity. The sweetener used in sweet e-liquid can cake on the coil and cause a barrier around it, preventing the liquid from saturating the coil properly. This again can cause a burning of the cotton, so we always recommend to try a liquid that isn’t as sweet. We always try liquids before we bring them in, so our liquids here on site shouldn’t be too bad for your coils! (
  5. Use a lower thickness of e-liquid – Last week we posted an article on the different types of e-liquid. If you are having problems with your coil, you can try a less thick juice. For example, if you are using a HVG e-liquid, try a 50/50 liquid and see if that helps your coil last longer.
  6. Choose a lower power (wattage) – If you have a device which allows this, you can turn your power (W) down a little lower. This helps to lower the strain on your coil and will lengthen it’s life. If you like using your power at the top end of a coils range, just be aware that your coils are not likely to last too long.

We hope this is helpful information for you guys, but if you do need more help drop a comment below or message us on Facebook!

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