Inovape Explains: Disposables vs Refillable Kits – Should I swap over & Why?

Disposables vs Refillable: Why switch over?

Inovape Explains: Disposables vs Refillable Kits – Should I swap over & Why?

Disposables v Refillable Kits – Should I swap over & why?

As we’re sure everybody is aware, disposables have taken the e-cigarette industry by storm in the last 2 years – and it’s easy to understand why. They are a vape in its simplest form, with no instructions or upkeep other than the opening and removal of packaging. They taste great & are readily available and accessible with little to no diversion from your daily routines to purchase one.

This would sound to anyone like the perfect & easiest way to drop the cigs and move over to vaping. As with anything that sounds too good to be true, you must ask yourself: “where’s the catch?” and “at what cost?”.

That’s where we come in. In this post, we’ll get into the details and explain why switching over to a refillable kit is a cheaper, safer alternative to the disposables.


From experience in our stores, we’ve estimated that the average disposable user gets through one bar per day – at a rough cost of £6 a bar. (We appreciate this may not apply to everybody, as those purchasing in bulk would pay a cheaper price & not everybody uses one per day).

At this price and volume, the average disposable user would spend:

  • £42 every week
  • £180 every month
  • £2100+ every year

Now, we’ll apply the same calculations to the costs associated with using a refillable kit. We’ve estimated that the average refillable kit user will purchase 5 x 10ml bottles (£10) and 1 x pod/coil (£3.50) per week.

At this price and volume, notice the stark difference in cost:

  • £13.50 per week
  • £54 per month
  • £648 per year.

It can be quite staggering to see this comparison for the first time, as compared to the cost of smoking, disposables are still cheaper – but when compared to the price of running a refillable kit, it’s a no-brainer!

Environmental Cost

In a time of environmental crisis, it’s critical to consider the impact disposables are making. On average, the disposable user throws over 350 batteries into a landfill per year. We don’t need to pull the statistics up to emphasise the effect this has on our environment, its plain to see.

When compared to using a refillable kit, the average user will only throw 1 or 2 batteries away every year. Every kit contains a rechargeable battery that will last anywhere from 6-12 months before its life between charges starts to reduce. (We have customers that still use the first kits they purchased 3-4 years ago!)

The environmental effect of disposables is one of the biggest driving forces in recent news surrounding the future legality of disposables. Switching over to a refillable kit will greatly improve our green footprint & has never been as important as it is right now.


As vapers ourselves, we simply cannot dispute how good the disposable flavours are. They’re punchy and sweet & to deliver such a strong flavour through, with what is virtually a weak coil, is impressive! This is where we come back to the question asked initially: “Where is the catch?”

Disposables contain Chinese made e-liquid with little to no traceability & with no guidelines for production, there’s no real way of knowing what the liquid in your disposable contains. Thankfully, this doesn’t apply to any UK made e-liquids. After the introduction of the TPD laws in 2016, ‘producers must notify the appropriate regulatory body of the ingredients in e-liquids, the components in devices and the refilling mechanisms of devices’.

As a result of this, any liquid purchased in the UK will have an ECID number on every bottle. Only after an e-liquid has been tested for its contents & the appropriate regulatory body notified, can it be designated an ECID number. In other words, whenever you buy any TPD-compliant e-liquid in the UK, you can rest assured knowing you’ve got the best quality liquid available!

It’s a common misconception to think that due to this process, the strength and sweetness of flavour just cannot be replicated in TPD-compliant e-liquids.

Well, we’re here to tell you – that is not the case!

The Bar Salts range offers the same flavours we know and love – all the fan favourites like “Blue Razz Lemonade”, “Blueberry Sour Raspberry”, “Gummy Bear, “Strawberry Raspberry Cherry” and many, many more are readily available. All batch tested with ECID numbers on every bottle, you can get the same experience with no compromise in price, flavour or quality.

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