Inovape Explains Vaping. Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vs Straight-to-lung (STL) Vaping Style.

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Inovape Explains Vaping. Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vs Straight-to-lung (STL) Vaping Style.

The latest addition to the Inovape Explains Vaping series, where we look at what the differences are between Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Straight-to-lung (STL). These two terms define how you inhale the vape from your device. This is useful to know because it ensures you are buying the right devices and also using your device in the correct manner.

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Vaping 

Mouth-to-lung vaping is the most similar style to smoking a cigarette. The best way to do this is a smooth long draw of vapour into your mouth, you’ll then inhale this into your lungs. You can then exhale a cloud that will look similar to that created by smoking a cigarette. For most, this is the style you will naturally use and you won’t ever be interested in STL vaping, that’s because you are looking to quit smoking and this gives you the closest experience to that.

The nicotine strengths available for MTL vaping go from 0mg all the way up to 20mg, so you get more choice in the strength that you are wanting to use. There will be an article posted later on which nicotine strength you may want to pick when you’re starting out your vaping journey.

If you want a MTL style vape, they are easily categorised on our website here:

If you are a MTL vaper, the best liquid for you is the 50/50 mix which can be found here on our site:

Straight-to-Lung (STL) Vaping 

Straight-to-lung (STL) vaping is very different. To vape in this style you will take a long and steady drag straight into your lungs, as the name suggests. Once it reaches your lungs you can exhale what will be a much larger cloud compared to MTL vaping. This style of vaping is most popular with people using lower nicotine but wanted a big cloud and lots of flavour from their vape.

We recommend mostly using HVG liquids for STL kits because the thicker liquids provide a much bigger cloud and also work much better in the bigger coils required for a STL vape.

If you’d like to start vaping with a STL kit, they can be found on site here:

As a STL vaper, the most common strengths are 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. The 6mg is about the highest you want to go in a more powerful device like these because of the massive amount of vape this style produces. For liquids follow this link: https:


We hope this was a useful article and helps you understand a bit more about the vaping world. If you enjoy or want to find out more leave a comment down below and we will try to clarify!

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