Inovape Explains Vaping: Internal Battery vs External Battery

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Inovape Explains Vaping: Internal Battery vs External Battery

This is the latest edition in a series of blog posts we’ve done explaining different parts of the vaping industry. If you haven’t checked the others out yet, it’s well worth checking them out! You might find something useful, for example how to prime your coil! Anyway, lets get into this – Internal batteries vs External batteries.

Internal Batteries

An internal battery unit is exactly what it says on the tin. The battery is always inside the unit, and can’t be messed with. This means you just plug in your device to charge it using the charging cable supplied with the device. The battery will have a mAh rating, this essentially means how much battery reserve it has inside. You can think of this as a fuel tank, obviously a 5L fuel tank has more capacity than a 2L fuel tank. Therefore, a vape with 2000mAh has more battery reserves than one that has 1500mAh capacity.

The advantage of an internal battery is that usually in the short term at least, they work out a little cheaper. This comes down to you not having to buy an extra battery when you buy your kit in the first place. The main drawbacks of internal units are that once your battery starts to run out, or your charging port breaks, you need a new unit, rather than just being able to replace the battery. However, being able to just plug in your kit and it charge is great because it is so straight forward.

External Batteries

An external battery is one, like in the article picture, that you can take in and out of your device. An external battery will also have a mAh rating which can be found on the side of the battery. These batteries don’t come included with your kit, so make sure you grab one, or two, so your external battery unit can work!

The advantages of using external batteries are that when your batteries start to lose their capacity over time, you just need to buy anew battery, rather than a whole new unit. So over time, these type of units can work out cheaper. Another pro of external batteries is that if your charging port breaks, you can buy a battery charger to charge your batteries. Obviously this is only possible here because you can take your batteries out the unit. It’s also worth noting that charging external batteries using a battery charger is the best way to charge your external batteries.

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We hope this has been useful and helped you work out what sort of battery you might consider for your next upgrade and why! Both styles are useful for their particular purpose, and have benefits either way. As always, if you need any more help or advice don’t hesitate to contact us so we can do our best to answer your queries!

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