Inovape Explains: Can e-liquid go out of date?

Does E-Liquid Go Out Of Date

Inovape Explains: Can e-liquid go out of date?

This is a common question that we get asked in the shops. How long will my liquid last? When does my e-liquid go out of date? Well, we’re going to do our best to answer that now!

The simple answer to the question is yes, there should be a date listed on all 10ml bottles which will either tell you the best before date or the produced on date. We all know what the best before date is, but the produced on date usually gives you two years from there to use it, so plenty of time!

What can impact the life of an e-liquid? 

  • The contents of the liquid can change the life of the liquid. For example, liquids with nicotine in tend to last longer, because nicotine acts as a preserver in the bottle.
  • Ideally, an e-liquid should be stored in a cool, dark place. This will help the e-liquid to last longer. Obviously, this isn’t always practical or possible but that would be the best way to store your liquids for longevity.

Interestingly, some liquids actually get better with age in a process called steeping. Steeping helps to balance out flavours & reduce harshness too. Clearly after a few years, this process has gone past the regular steeping period. But this is something worth knowing about, an older liquid doesn’t always go bad!

How to get your e-liquid to last longer

  • As mentioned above, storing liquids in a cool & dark place will ensure your liquids last as long as they can.
  • Check expiry dates on liquids you purchase & ensure the shortest date remaining, is the one you use first. In the shops we would call this rotating stock, you can do the same with your liquids!

Following these tips, and buying good quality juice, helps ensure a great vaping experience out of your liquids.

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