Inovape Explains: Priming your coils

Inovape Explains: Priming Your Coils

Inovape Explains: Priming your coils

You’ve probably heard about priming your coils, but what is it and why is it so important? Well, that’s what we’re going to explain below!

What is priming your coil? 

Priming your coil means pre-soaking the cotton on the inside of the coil with some of your e-liquid. For coils, that means popping some drops down the middle, and soaking any cotton holes around the edge of the coil. For a pod based kit, a few drops down the centre will do.

It’s also never a bad idea to fill up your kit & then leave it for a couple of minutes. That also helps to ensure there is no dry spots on your coil, and it is nicely soaked for your first use.

Why should I prime my coil?

Coil longevity -is probably the most important reason to prime you coils is to help ensure they last as long as they can. By pre-soaking them, you won’t burn any cotton on the first drags, and that helps your coil to last better than if you didn’t prime them. Clearly this is the most cost effective way to run your kit. A burnt out coil can’t be saved so take the extra time to do this when you set up your new coil or pod!

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